The Push

Biarritz to Bordeaux


may 9, 2022

210km skate:

Biarritz, France to Bordeaux, France to raise awareness and funds for palestine, afganistan and lebanon.

we will be holding “Pitstop sessions” at passing skateparks on the way and upon arrival to bordeaux

The Push
is open to everyone!

Either for 1km or 210km
up to you !

Lets come together and push4peace !


Connect with local skate communities through mini events and markets at passing skateparks


My name is Omar, Before anything, i am a passionate skateboarder! I believe the powerful and growing community of skateboarding can positively impact this world and even change it for the better! 

with the help of my friend, Mateo, I have created the nonprofit organisation “Push4peace” to bring together and push communities to do more than just share bad news on social media but to act !

No more 

“Turning a blind eye”

Therefore, I am calling out to all skaters, surfers, artist, designers, creators and all humans, to come together and do your part  to try better this world !

We are taking open donations of  art, clothes, boards, surf fins, whatever it might be you would like  to create and donate that will later be sold on instagram and the site.


proceeds donated to charities of our choice


proceeds for future Push4peace projects





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